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Planet Pot au Lait

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⚡⚡ Planet Pot au Lait 2016 ⚡⚡

We’re writing the year 2017…in the first right bend after the Betelgeuze star, the empire of «smooth joy» pours a huge amount on mulled wine down onto the galaxy…

The residents, fattened up with oysters and fed up with christmas cakes, are swearing fidelity to Nabila, great priest of the holy tartiflette…

But one planet withstands: The planet Pot au Lait!

With the participation of the warriors of Rock-karaoke, Peggy Lee Cooper, protectress of traditions and customs, Mixsoup and his musical Supra Quiz, Stella, Rock Lady of the «Grand Maison» with her Punk Survivors, as well as the warriors of the Tiki Zombies, the Hell-o-Tiki.


Summing up:

In the basement area : Spulk & David C. (free entry)
Vernissage on the 22nd of December at 7 pm – Dismantling on 8th of January at 4 pm
Open on 22nd & 23rd of December, from 26th until 30th  of December, 7th & 8th of January



Monday 26th of December – 7 pm 
Rock Karaoke with the Band ‘Eagles Road’ (Entry fee: 6€)
Hostedy by Simon Raket.

The leadsinger felt ill with varicella on their latest gig at the Madison Square Garden. We need you to replace him on stage at the 26th of December! Get into your leather leggings and your santiags and go for it!
Registration and songlist here.



Tuesday 27th of December – 7:30 pm
Oh no! Peggy Lee Cooper massacres X-Mas II (Box office 12€/ presale 10€). Concert-spectacle which reviews holiday classics and the ones of Miss Cooper. Spectacle in two parts with break.

Presale tickets are available at the Pot au Lait and in the Gallery/Tattoostudio «L’Usine» aswell as online until Wednesday, 21st of December. (info@peggyleecooper.com).



Wednesday 28th of December – 7:30 pm
«The house of rock» organizes «Punk’s not Dead» (Entry fee : 8€)

2 concerts : The Welders – Contingent



Thursday 29th of December – 8 pm
Xmas Surf Voodoo Party with Hell-o-Tiki (Entry fee: 5€)
Concert: Hell-o-Tiki
Put your sunglasses on, get dressed with your nicest rocker jeans shirt, and chill out while sipping a margherita in company of our charming diabolical dancers.



Friday 30th of December – 8 pm
Night of the living Blindtest & Quiz (Entry fee : 6€)
Musical selection by Bernard Mixsoup, presented and animated by Virginie Souplesse.
Challenge the musical knowledge of your friends!
We highly recommend to register as soon as possible as spots are limited! mixsoup@hotmail.com
Participation in teams of 4-6 players



Saturday 31st of December – 11 pm
New Year’s Eve! (Entry fee : 7€)
Opening of huge party area,  mega sound, the hottest Dj’s of Liège. Phil Kozak vs. Jack le Coiffeur.
You’ll find Samantha our tigress with her singing sausages in the terrace area to fulfill your culinary needs.